Collaboration Day





Decided to just but a collaboration of all the outfits I’ve worn since my last upload! Since there’s so many, detail would be gory so I’ll leave you to just enjoy (:


New Cali


Today! I actually woke up at 5:10 like I’ve been meaning to do since school started but I’ve never had the will power! Since I had so much extra time I decided to go all.out for school which I do every day, but today was a bit more. I was going for the new yorker/ Californian look with the bun and the socks. I paired a Celine shirt with my f21 bomber jacket and my maroon leather skirt which was also a f21 find for only 10.80! I couldn’t pass it up. I added the typical tan Oxfords but thought that I should add some craziness by putting on some black and white knee highs!  It’s a avant garde look but that’s my style.

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Obviously I won’t be doing daily uploads now since I don’t always have something to show you (: but at least once or twice a week I’ll post.



Goodness, I didnt even realize how absent I’ve been. This outfit was from monday. I paired my forver21 jeans with my school basketball shirt. I covered the basketball shirt with my bomber jacket and added my brown cheetah shoes. So yeah, that’s what i wore monday. Tuesday i totally forgot to take a picture but today’s picture will go up tomorrow seeing as i just posted this one today.

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Stay positive guysss ♡♡

Loud & Pink



This is from both yesterday & today. I paired a pink cali sweater from body central with forver21 jeans and my black spikey combat boots from shasa. My neon pink PINK socks added a brighter look to the already dull outfit. Today I just wore a vintage color filled sweater, leggings and my purple free runs with my head tied In a turban. So yeah, that’s that!
YouTube: parisimported. Link will be provided later. Just posted my teen wolf review and my 25 questions tag (; 

Stripes & Pastels


Holaaa! Since I have been wearing sweaters all week I decided to continue today. I have on a peach sweater with my blue and white striped pants from forever 21. The sweater is from body central. I went to school today so of course I had to wear shoes so I just paired the outfit with my tan oxfords and no jewlery. My “bed head” beanie fits the hair look I was going for since i had taken off my beanie, you would see the birds nest I have living there. That’s a sign that my hair is ready to be redone. I’m thinking a bob next, any suggestions on coloring the tips?

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YouTube: I have my first video up now!!!! Yaaay it’s on teen wolf’s episode from monday. I had a review on it. Basically my  opinion on what was going on. If you read my blog, comment that you do! I wanna know you (:

Don’t forget to smile (:

Apologies For The Distance


School has me swamped! My outfit today was decent and so was the one from yesterday.  Here is mondays: paired a black and white sweater with some plain blue jeans and my white oxfords. Today: paired a navy blue sweater with a black dress (I covered the sweater on top of it), maroon thigh high socks and my tan oxfords! Yess I know, it’s very tumblr girl of me but I love it. I even added a little tradition by tying a turban around my head! Hope you like it!
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Let It Be Known

Apologies for my lack of displaying outfits the past two days but I will start up on Sunday since I probably wont be going anywhere tomorrow. Let’s shake things up a bit shall we? I’ve come up with themes that I will try to incorporate each day as we go along starting on Monday! Since I didn’t post an outfit today, I thought I’d share with you the website “” Omg it’s amazing and you can post photos that you hearted from there onto tumble if your into that! It’s kind of like tumblr to me but some might disagree. Well thanks for reading, I’ll write you guys tomorrow

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Oh & the youtube channel will arrive shortly. I am still trying to find the things the camera needs to function.  (;

Bye guys ♡

My Calling?

Decided not to do a OOTD today and just talk. So far, I have about 2 followers and on average, 0 views a day so im thinking to myself here, “What is my calling” if its not blogging about my fashion sense? People say your caliing is something you enjoy, that you’d do even if someone was better at it and recieved more recongition for it. A calling is basically the task you enjoy and do for the love of it. When i was younger, i thought that i was called to write since i could write 10 page teen fiction stories in a day. I even wrote a “novel” based upon the show, “Gossip Girl” and i loved it but after a while, writing was no longer my rock. In fact, i found myself not writing at all, ever. Thats when i got into clothes and fashion and beauty. I told myself that this was my calling, that i should share this talent of being a stylist with the world. The problem is, everyone is doing that. I know, i know, “If everyone does something, do yours differently to set yourself apart” but i dont understand that concept quite well yet. Right now i think my calling has shifted from fashion to doing reviews of anything. I can rant for hours on end about shows, products, people, etc but so can everyone else. What do i do differently? I am planning on actually filiming my rants and creating a community of people that i can relate to to the point where all of us in that community feel safe enough to say anything about anything and dicuss topics that your friends may not be into. That is what I’m into now. Its going to be hard getting started since I utterly refuse to promote, which is appearant because if i promoted my Blog, it would probably have more than 0 views a day. No one is probably going to see this, but i see it and i will use it as inspiration to find my true calling. If being a “critic” isn’t my destiny, then Lord guide my path to find it. 

Thank you, 

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Youtube channel is still on hold. if it be my destiny, let it be so. 



I don’t know why but this look reminds me of someone who lives in Minnesota since it seems like it’s always cold down there. It’s been cold in Texas for weeks now and this just shows it. I decided to pair a polka dot chiffon shirt from forever 21 with a jacket that was bought for me by my parents on one of their trips. Adding jeans to this just felt right since I wanted to be casual. The studded boots with the PINK thigh high socks just add to the accessory that makes this assemble look presentable. Hopefully the weather calms down so I can start my crop top and short shorts period.

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Thank You ♡